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Eat Like An Artist:

A Self-Help Podcast Celebrating Creativity, Mental Wellness, And Mindful Entrepreneurship

Join us on Eat Like An Artist – a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs that’s dedicated to busting the myth of the “starving artist.”


Our guests are successful creatives who share the wisdom they’ve gained from a lifetime of creative entrepreneurship on how to find mental wellness, stability, and fulfillment while pursuing your dreams. Because the life of an artist should be one of creativity, passion, and joy – not hunger.

New episodes of this creative entrepreneurship podcast drop every Monday – please join us!


  • Creative Conversation — information interchange of thought and information

  • Breaking down the stereotype of the starving artist through conversations that celebrate mindful entrepreneurship, unveil inspiring stories, promote mental wellness, and break down barriers by sharing actionable tips to listeners

  • Weekly episodes every Monday



New episodes every Monday.

Podcast Playlists

Looking for a specific topic to elevate your creative entrepreneur journey?

We created the Spotify playlists below to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for!

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