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  • Corine Olarte

Why You Need a Personal Retreat Day with Wende Whitus

About the Episode:

Have you taken a personal retreat day? Wait… what even is a personal retreat day?! Today’s guest, Wende Whitus, founder of Personal Retreat Day, is here to help to distinguish a personal retreat day from a typical day off, to debunk common misconceptions, to explore recommended activities for maximum benefit, and to share practical strategies for prioritizing self-care even in the busiest of schedules. Uncover how she discovered the importance of these retreats, and learn why carving out time for yourself is not just a luxury but a vital investment in your overall well-being.

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How to Support Our Guest, Wende Whitus:

Founder of Personal Retreat Day

How to Support Our Host, Corine Olarte:

Photographer, content creator, mentor

How to Support Our Editor, Alexys Carrasquillo (Familia Creative Media):

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