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  • Corine Olarte

The Risks & Rewards of Metamorphosis with Jai Long & Cara Mia

About the Episode:

Jai Long and Cara Mia, two prominent figures in the photography industry (and huge inspirations of our host Corine), join us on the milestone 50th episode of the Eat Like an Artist podcast. We dive deep into the meaning of taking risks, sustaining passion in your craft, and the development of Metamorphosis, a creative shoot & mindset course set to launch on May 29th (check out the show notes to join).

We reflect on the butterfly's metamorphosis cycle and its profound reflection of the ongoing evolution artist and creatives undergo, whether it's the transformation of an individual project or the metamorphosis of the individual themselves. Jai and Cara remind us that success and creativity are infinite resources, enabling us to push creative boundaries and create meaningful work when we fully commit to our creative journey.

Tune in for this special episode, also featured on their limited podcast series "Metamorphosis," and we hope this inspires you to create more art for yourself and your inner artist.

Thank you for your continue support for this podcast. We hope you join us for even more episodes!

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Business & Mindset Coach | Co-Creator of Metamorphosis

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Photographer & Educator | Co-Creator of Metamorphosis

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