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  • Corine Olarte

The Art of Storytelling & Slowing Down with Yash Mistry

About the Episode:

We’re back with an interview with Yash Mistry—podcast producer, woodworker, and owner of Mistry Projects—to explore the evolution of his creative journey after a life-altering event. Yash is incredibly humble, but his resilience through his experience has transformed both his personal and professional life, serving as a beacon of strength amidst adversity. Through candid reflections on the significance of connection and the wisdom gained from overcoming setbacks, Yash shares invaluable insights for other creatives facing similar challenges and barriers.

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How to Support Our Guest, Yash Mistry:

Owner of Mistry Projects (Podcast Producer & Woodworker)

How to Support the Recording Studio, JamBox:

How to Support Our Host, Corine Olarte:

Photographer, content creator, mentor

How to Support Our Editor, Alexys Carrasquillo (Familia Creative Media):

Multidisciplinary creative

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