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  • Corine Olarte

Organizing Your Creative Space (Without the Stress) with Seirra Hamilton

About the Episode:

Have you heard of the stereotype that the most creative people have messy rooms? Whatever you think about that stereotype, we all have different definitions of what is “messy.” Is your creative space full of things but still functional or is it causing a stressful experience?

Seirra shares her captivating journey into this niche field, fueled by a passion for both creativity and order. Discover her unique approach to crafting organizational systems that harmonize efficiency with personal inspiration, ensuring that creative spaces evolve sustainably alongside their creators' dynamic projects.

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How to Support Our Guest, Seirra Hamilton:

Professional Organizer and Founder of Nicely Placed Organizing

How to Support Our Host, Corine Olarte:

Photographer, content creator, mentor

How to Support Our Editor, Alexys Carrasquillo (Familia Creative Media):

Multidisciplinary creative

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