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  • Corine Olarte

Balancing Parenthood & Entrepreneurship with Umayal Annamalai

About the Episode:

Discover how Umayal Annamalai, a Charlotte-based creative entrepreneur, navigates her daily balancing act, juggling the demands of parenthood with her commitments as an artist. Gain insight into the transformative power of parenthood on her creative vision and the ingenious time management strategies she employs to thrive in both roles. From overcoming challenges to offering mindset shifts, Umayal shares her wisdom for aspiring parent artists worried about the impact of parenthood on their creative journey.

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How to Support Our Guest, Umayal Annamalai:

Visual Artist, Energy Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Creative Coach

How to Support Our Host, Corine Olarte:

Photographer, content creator, mentor

How to Support Our Editor, Alexys Carrasquillo (Familia Creative Media):

Multidisciplinary creative

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