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  • Corine Olarte

8 Ways to Get More Comfortable with Sales

Updated: Feb 22

About the Episode:

Why do many creative entrepreneurs feel uneasy about sales? We'll explore both the seller's and buyer's perspectives, uncovering common fears such as rejection, negative stereotypes, and the anxiety of being perceived as pushy or dishonest. But it's not all challenges – we'll also share eight empowering strategies to shift your mindset, build genuine relationships, and master the art of permission-based sales, transforming your approach from uneasy to confident. Embrace a new perspective on sales!

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8 Ways:

  1. Shift your mindset

  2. Focus on relationships

  3. Practice permission-based sales

  4. Develop a sales process

  5. Improve active listening skills

  6. Role play and feedback

  7. Invest in learning

  8. Embrace that you will make mistakes (and can improve from them!)

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